10 New Ways to Re-Upholster Old Furniture

10 New Ways to Re-Upholster Old Furniture

Nancy Mitchell
Aug 27, 2014
(Image credit: Wild Chairy)

Nothing perks up an old piece of furniture quite like new upholstery. If you're looking for a chair or sofa that will make a statement, something a little out of the ordinary, take a gander at these 10 creative ways to reupholster old furniture.

1. Cover the back of the chair in a contrasting fabric.

Like Andrea of Wild Chairy, who is the queen of transforming old chairs into stunning new pieces. (The chairs pictured above are available, if you're not feeling like a project yourself.) This is a great way to add a little extra interest to a piece that will be seen from all sides.

(Image credit: Timorous Beasties)

2. Cover an old piece in an unexpected pattern.

Like this bold floral from Timorous Beasties...

(Image credit: Young House Love)

Or these bold stripes, on a Victorian-style sofa spotted on Young House Love.

(Image credit: The Paris Apartment)

3. Punch up an old piece with a brightly colored velvet.

Like this chair, spotted on The Paris Apartment.

(Image credit: A Beautiful Mess)

4. Consider non-traditional upholstery fabrics, like a serape...

DIY from A Beautiful Mess.

(Image credit: Sit and Read)

5. ...Or a Hudson's Bay blanket.

This sofa is available from Sit and Read.

(Image credit: Freunde von Freunden)

Or a cat.

Just kidding, this is more blanket upholstery inspiration, from Freunde von Freunden. But of course every chair looks better with a cat on it.

(Image credit: Mona Ross Berman)

6. Nothing livens up a piece quite like contrasting piping.

We love this blue + orange combo, from Mona Ross Berman Interiors.

(Image credit: Wild Chairy)

7. A Mongolian sheepskin (especially a black one) will add a little edge to a delicately styled piece.

Another great idea from Wild Chairy.

(Image credit: Twig Hutchinson)

8. Play with different fabrics...

Like velvet + ticking stripes, spotted on Twig Hutchinson.

(Image credit: Trendland)

9. And different textures.

Velvet and leather, spotted on Trendland.

(Image credit: House to Home)

10. If you're feeling really bold, try a pattern-on-pattern look.

Spotted on House to Home. Choosing two patterns in the same color family will keep the look from getting too too wild.

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