(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Last week in the post What's Your 2012 Resolution? we asked Apartment Therapy's eco-minded readers to share what changes they wanted to make in the new year. Here's our ten favorites…

  1. Do one eco-resolution per month.
  2. Go paper towel-free.
  3. Stop shopping on Amazon.com and support more small, local retailers.
  4. Be more mindful with food...more specifically to stop wasting produce by not consuming it fast enough.
  5. Less impulse clothes buying. Quality over quantity!
  6. Only buy books when they are not available at the library or from a friend.
  7. De-clutter and use resources we already have!
  8. Reclaim garden beds and start growing tomatoes again!
  9. Identify what in life is most important and eliminate everything else.
  10. And our favorite of all, which applies to those of us green focused or not… to laugh more!

(Image: Etsy seller Lucky Bee Press)