Keeping Your Tech New Year's Resolutions It's Not Too Late!

Keeping Your Tech New Year's Resolutions It's Not Too Late!

Jason Yang
Jan 23, 2013
It's almost a month into 2013. How many of you out there are still sticking to your tech life resolutions? Did you make and keep a promise to stop texting and driving? Did you finally backup your hard drive on an external unit or on the cloud? How about something as simple as cleaning your keyboard and mouse? It's never too late to get started...

Even if you never joined The January Cure here at Apartment Therapy, many of us made our own resolutions and are in various stages of keeping or breaking these promises. I made my own promise to backup my computer hard drive and I've still to get off my butt wasting away on the Internet (another resolution as well). I might have also gave my word to ban phones from the dinner table, but that's not going so well either.

I did however succeed in ensuring anti-virus/spam/malware programs are being updated and run regularly and change all of my computer and account passwords. The one I'm really struggling with though is staying off my phone in bed, but I'm digging back in to make a concentrated effort on that one.

So, how are your own efforts going and what resolutions did you make and break? Share with us your own struggles so that we might feel slightly better about our own broken resolutions renew our efforts in bettering ourselves through tech!

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