10 People Who Love Penguin Books Covers... Like, A Lot

10 People Who Love Penguin Books Covers... Like, A Lot

Taryn Williford
Aug 24, 2015
(Image credit: Astro Design Centre)

Who knew a publishing house could have such a huge following? It's thanks to Penguin Books' iconic covers. You can spot those colorful, tri-band book jackets from a mile away, and they do make for a rather lovely statement when they're cobbled together onto a wall or blown up to larger-than-life proportions.

A little history on Penguin's iconic covers: The original design is the work of Edward Young, a 21-year-old staffer at Penguin, who also sketched the penguin in their logo after a trip to the London zoo. The bands of the cover are color-coded by genre –orange for fiction, blue for biography, green for crime, cerise for travel and adventure, etc.

When Penguin published their first ten books in 1935, the simple, graphic colors helped to set them apart from the more ornate books on the shelves at the time. And now, they can do the same for your apartment, offering attention-grabbing artwork for living rooms, kids rooms or even powder rooms.

Above: A bathroom in an Ottawa home, from Astro Design Centre

Ok, so that last one isn't exactly a Penguin cover, but instead a print by cheeky artist Harland Miller.

And those walls covered floor to ceiling in Penguin classics? Here's the secret: Osborne & Little's Penguin Library wallpaper (around $100/roll). You can find a local stockist on their website here.

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