(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Remember when all-white computers and peripherals were considered breaking the mold in an office environment? With white, black, and silver all now ho-hum desk/office standards, it's not always natural inclination to decorate with vibrant colors. But there's no rule dictating work has to get done in monotone style (and anyway, the presence of color can be a mood and productivity booster). Here are 10 fun ways to splash color above, under, and atop of the desk...

  1. Mint 80's Pastel Green Rotary Phone - $75.00
  2. Themis Mono Mobile - $44.00
  3. Nud Pendant Hanging Lamp - $55.00
  4. Poppin Pink iCushion stand - $6.00
  5. CB2 Rainbow Highlighters - $14.95
  6. Urban Outfitters Modern Wall Shelf - $22.00
  7. Assembly Home Geo Wall Bin - $19.00
  8. Waste Basket Gedy - $88.09
  9. IKEA RÅSKOG cart - $49.99
  10. DIY Faceted Gem Mouse Pad

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