10 "Somethings" Every Child's Room Should Have

When it comes to designing children's rooms, there are no rules. But we still have some suggestions for elements to include to make a child's room a place for comfort, discovery, play and memory making. Here are 10 "somethings" for every child's room:

1. Something To Sleep On: A bed is pretty basic - but make their bed soft, warm and inviting and you can bet they'll spend more time on it and in it than just sleeping.

2. Something That Glows: Overhead lights can be so harsh, especially if you're trying to get little ones to sleep! A night light or twinkle lights can bring much comfort and warmth. Even a flashlight to read under the covers with is a plus!

3. Something That Tells Time: Even if they can't tell time yet, a clock can help children understand and follow a daily routine.

4. Something To Snuggle With: For some it's a blanket, for others it's a stuffed animal but something soft to hug, hold and snuggle can bring a lot of comfort to a child.

5. Something To Read: Books feed children's imaginations and nourish their minds. Make them accessible and lead by example and you will have a lifelong reader.

6. Something Handmade: Although this might not be at the top of everyone's list, a handmade item in a child's room is putting a bit of family right there with them. Don't forget to include things they make as well!

7. Something To Question: Include something to intrigue a child, make them curious about life or nature or just the way something works.

8. Something To Take Pride In: It might be the pine wood derby car they made in Boy Scouts, a macaroni necklace they made, or a certificate of outstanding school attendance, but either way, having something they made themselves, won or achieved is a great thing to display.

9. Something With Color: Even if you love a neutral room (we do too!), add a bit of color. A color rich pillow, blanket, chair or rug draws the eye and is a reminder that life with kids is just more colorful.

10. Something They Chose: It's easy to get caught up in decorating a space for your kids without any input. When they're old enough, try letting them pick out a few items and allow them to help create their own space. They may be more intuitive than you think - though they might need a little adult guidance.

Re-edited from a post originally published 1.24.2011 - CM