"Finland, Finland, Finland. The country where I want to be, pony trekking or camping, or just watching TV." Those words come from the famous Monty Python ode to Finland, and we'd like to add "shopping" to the list of great things about this northern European country. The Finns have a tradition of simple modern design that's made to high standards of quality. Here are 10 places to find it on the web.

  1. FinnStyle: Based out of Minneapolis, this online and in-person store carries products by Marimekko, iitala, Artek, and more. Shown above: Marimekko Frekvenssi Black & White Wallpaper, $150
  2. Scandinavian Design Center: This Sweden-based company's mission is to "market and sell Scandinavian [including Finnish] Design worldwide." Shown above: Sukat Makkaralla Tumbler, $35 for 2
  3. Finnish Design Shop: Based out of Turku, Finland, this web shop wants "to share the best of Nordic design with you." Shown above: Tuohi Wall Elements, $198
  4. Scandinavian Design House: This shop in Brooklyn has an extensive website with products from all the big Finnish names — Marimekko, Tonfisk, iittala, etc. Shown above: Aalto Vases, $145
  5. Aalto.com: Love Alvar and Aino Aalto? As a licensed web retailer of the Aaltos' products for Artek and iittala, this is a good site to bookmark. Shown above: Artek Alvar Aalto 611 Chair, $690
  6. FinnishGifts.com: They've got a wide range of Finnish goods, including housewares, jewelry, clothing, and candy. Shown above: Tonfisk Newton Milk & Sugar Set, $70
  7. Just Scandinavian: Located in Tribeca, NYC, this shop has a beautiful selection of modern Finnish goods online and offline. Shown above: iittala Kartio Glasses, $20
  8. Marimekko Concept Stores: They're probably the best-known Finnish company, and they've got a strong presence in the US, with several concept shops, including Kiito's on the Upper West Side in New York, where you can find this Pienet Kivet Wallpaper Grey, $149
  9. Fjorn Scandinavian: Founded by Norwegian-Americans Sigurd Hadland and Ann Artz, Fjorn is a great resource for traditional and modern high-end goods from all of Scandinavia, including Finland. Shown above: iitala Taika Collection, starting at $17.50
  10. Artek: The ORIGINAL source for Alvar and Aino Aalto products, they have a nice website where you can find US retailers or shop from Finland directly. Shown above: Alvar Aalto Pendant Lamp A330S, €200