10 Sources for the Organic Modern Style

Weekend Shoppers Guide

The organic modern style is a favorite around here. We often see it represented in our house tours, like this bedroom in Michael Moeller's Bachelor Pad Project in the Sky. If you're a fan of the look, you can get it yourself with a little help from these shops…• Yorkwood Co. "Born on the streets of New York," their tables, stools and benches, are crafted from locally sourced shipping pallets. • Jeremiah Collection We profiled them last week and we're still smitten with their mid-century style. • White Furniture You'll find two separate lines here – White on White and Organic Modernism. Both fall under the organic modern umbrella. • Restoration Hardware Of course, Resto is one of the first stores that come to mind when I think of organic modern style. They practically set the trend. • John Kelly Furniture & Accessories Mid century and modern furniture as seen through the eyes of a fine furniture craftsman.

Viva Terra You have to weed through some of the more global-inspired products here, but you'll also find a wide selection of furniture with modern profiles.
OHIO Design This San-Francisco-based outfit prides itself on producing simple modern designs with quality materials and fine craftsmanship.
Anthony Sisto Warm and minimal, Sisto's furniture is clearly inspired by mid-century but with an updated spin.
BDDW Tyler Hays designs some of the most beautiful furniture, all with an organic modern sensibility.
Thrive Home Furnishings This Los Angeles-based company makes mid-century styled furniture with major green cred.

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(Image: Beth Bates, Michael Moeller's Bachelor Pad Project in the Sky)