Sources for Wassily (& Wassily-Style) Chairs

Sources for Wassily (& Wassily-Style) Chairs

Jason Loper
Sep 26, 2012

In last week's post declaring the Wassily Chair a modern classic we looked at the chair in a variety of interiors. Now it's time to look at where to buy one – whether it's shelling out almost $2G for an authentic Wassily or choosing one of the budget-friendly reproductions.

New Authentic Wassily Chairs — The authentic chair is produced by Knoll so it's the same price ($1,924) at each of these stores.
Design Within Reach
Hive Modern

Wassily Reproductions — We don't all have the budget for an original. Of course, reproductions are not the real thing and the quality will vary by store but it's a way to get in on the style while not breaking the bank.
Room & Board – Fairly faithful reproduction for $699.
Serenity Living Stores Also $699, has the steel frame and leather upholstery some cheaper versions will lack.
Lexmod On the low end at $399, but we can't vouch for the comfort or longevity. (If anyone has any experience with reproductions at this price, let us know in the comments.)

(Image: Jill Slater/Bella Makes the Move to Brooklyn)

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