12 Stretches You Can (and Should!) Do At Your Desk

As much as we love our carefully crafted and styled workspaces, sitting at a desk all day is torture on your body. If you can't take a break to walk around, try a few seated stretches. They're no excuse for the real thing, of course, but they will instantly relieve some of the tension in your monitor-gazing neck and shoulders and your constantly-typing arms and wrists.

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It's been proven that regular stretching offers improved circulation, better posture, enhanced coordination and stress relief.

And if you just spare 3 minutes each hour to work on in-your-seat stretches, you can end each workday feeling better than the last.

If you need a guide, check out this printable PDF from Shelter Online. It features 12 illustrated stretches designed to refresh your wrists, arms, shoulders and neck.

The best part is that they're are quick and easy to do, even in the smallest closet office.

(Images: Listicles, Shelter Online)

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