9 Surprising Things You Can Use to Organize Your Office

9 Surprising Things You Can Use to Organize Your Office

Taryn Williford
Oct 25, 2011

102511_surprisingorganizers_m.jpgAn inspired office space doesn't come from a "buy the room"-style retailer, it comes from its user carefully curating invigorating pieces that are as useful as they are unique. Lucky for us, even uniqueness has a cheat cheat. Whether you want to spend $46 or just re-use this morning's empty cereal box, there's a surprising and cool solution in here for you. Check it out.

102511_strawdispenser.jpgA Straw Dispenser
Great for: An alternative to a boring pencil cup.
Get it: Museum of Useful Things, $18

102511_restticketrack.jpgA Restaurant Order Rail
Great for: A place to keep stray papers or hang up a large document or calendar for display.
Get it: Museum of Useful Things, $46

102511_testtuberack.jpgA Test Tube Rack
Great for: Giving pens or a colorful collection of markers or colored pencils a gallery-like display.
Get it: Museum of Useful Things, $28

102511_loafpans.jpgLoaf Pans
Great for: Inexpensively diving a drawer into compartments
Get it: From your local bake shop for $1-$3.

102511_lunchtrays.jpgA Vintage Lunch Tray
Great for: Using as a desk organizer, whether hidden in a drawer or left out to look gorgeous.
Get it: From vintage Etsy sellers.

102511_magazinerack.jpgIKEA's VURM Wine Rack
Great for: Storing magazines or large documents, like blueprints, rolled into document tube mailers.
Get it: Discontinued at IKEA US, but you can snag one at IKEA's overseas websites for around $10.

102511_cerealbox.jpgA Cereal Box
Great for: An inexpensive drawer organizer you can customize to fit anything.
Get it: Use this guide to DIY your own.

102511_icecubtray.jpgIce Cube Tray
Great for: Keeping small trinkets like paper clips and push pins tidy inside a desk drawer.
Get it: At your local dollar store.

102511_bottleicetray.jpgBottle Ice Cube Tray
Great for: Stashing papers, envelopes and receipts upright on your desk top.
Get it: Amazon.com, $7.21

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