10 Surprisingly Stylish Beanbag Chairs

10 Surprisingly Stylish Beanbag Chairs

Nancy Mitchell
Aug 12, 2016
(Image credit: Gan)

Beanbag chairs: that dream of childhood, that nightmare of adulthood. So comfortable, and yet... so ugly. Or at least, so you once thought. When I did a little research into the current state of beanbag chairs I was surprised to find that they had evolved considerably from the vinyl monstrosities of my youth. We've rounded up 10 stylish beanbags that you might actually want to have in your house.

If you deeply resent your mother for not having let you had a beanbag chair as a child, and also you have a great deal of money, this is the perfect choice for you. Would also look great in a group of say, six, surrounding an arty coffee table in a painstakingly minimalist SoHo loft.

This faux fur option is a bit more budget-friendly.

Fatboy beanbag chairs are stylish, slouchy, and really, really big. Plus, they can be configured (smooshed) to provide a little back support, something most beanbag chairs don't have.

Velvet makes everything more classy, beanbag chairs included.

A beanbag chair in a pretty pattern and an unexpected shape.

This one has more of a teardrop shape, which gives it a little more structure.

Here's something similar in a nice cozy knit. This one is for kids, but there's also an adult version available here.

Half bean bag chair, half couch.

This cozy wool beanbag is part lounger, part sculpture.

The perky shape of the Sail pouf (featured in the lead image of this post) is as perfect for the courtyard of an Italian villa as it is for your living room.

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