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Organic Modern homes are down-to-earth and soothing, with decor that adds much-needed warmth to modern architecture. Think your home falls into this category? Here are ten signs to tell for sure...

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1. You're a proud member of the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Owners of America Club (FLFTOAC).

2. You get splinters on the way to the bathroom.

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3. You haven’t seen a bright color since you stopped watching cartoons on Saturday mornings.

4. You once fainted at the mere mention of plastic.

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5. You named your middle child Linen. The other two are Burl and Flax.

6. Only Switzerland is more neutral, but just by a hair.

7. You have more texture in your home than a granite quarry, sheep farm, and thistle field combined.

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8. You often think: "Why store dishes, when there's wood?"

9. You spent all of 2013 in a leather sling chair.

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10. You don't so much have a dog as a sheepskin.

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