10 Tell-Tale Signs Your Home Style Might Be: Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modernists love clean lines, informal living, and a love of the past. Think your home could pass as mid-century modern? Here are ten signs to tell for sure...

1. The producers of Mad Men visit every year to see what’s fresh and new.

2. If a chair isn't shaped like an egg, pod, bubble, or womb, you don't know quite what to do with it.

3. 99% of your furniture happened before you were even born.

4. You stalk elderly neighbors (and their furnishings).

5. Your weekend plans are solely based around your estate sale schedule.

6. You know that bullets are really planters, and hairpins actually legs.

7. You’d sell your mother for a perfectly stocked bar cart.

8. Your three chihuahuas are named Eero, Eichler, and Eames. George Nelson is your cat.

9. Palm Springs is your mother ship, and it regularly calls you back home.

10. If a home doesn't contain at least a little aqua or teal, it's officially dead to you.

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(Image credits: Gregory Han; Bethany Nauert; Aaron Able; AnnaMaria Stephens; Marcia Prentice; Bethany Seawright; Ann Manubay & Dabney Frake)