10 Things to Do Around the House When You're Snowed In

I think that many of my fellow Chicagoans are somewhere warm and dry right now and are planning on keeping it that way, at least for the day. Thanks to the ongoing storm (which is really not stopping!) and an almost unheard of weather related day off (SNOW DAY!!!) for the school kids, many people are stuck in...on a Wednesday. Here are some things to do around the house to keep you busy and make your home a happier place:

1. Dig out! It's more fun than it sounds, great exercise and is one of those rare "meet your neighbors" times that don't come along often enough in the city. It's days like this where everyone lets their guard down a bit and band together to get the job done.

2. Rearrange a room

3. Clean out a junk drawer

4. Do a little window shopping from your sofa

5. Discover some new (to you) blogs like Young House Love, currently leading the way in the Homies

6. Cover a pillow

7. Soak up some inspiration from an online design magazine...or two...or ten

8. Do the laundry

9. Tackle one tough cleaning job you've been avoiding

10. Take some photos of your home and send them in to us!

Whatever you decide, stay warm, stay safe, take it easy and enjoy the snow!

Images: 1. Allard Laban, 2-10, as linked above

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