10 Things to Do with an Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer (Besides Storing Shoes)

We've all seen those over-the-door shoe organizers — you know, the ones made of canvas or plastic with all the little pockets for you to stuff your shoes in. Although we here at Apartment Therapy personally prefer other ways to store shoes, we've come to realize that over the door shoe organizers have a myriad of uses that have nothing to do with footwear. Here are a few of our favorites.

1. Hang a shoe organizer on the door to your laundry room and use it to sort all those cleaning supplies that usually congregate in a nightmarish jumble in some out-of-the-way cabinet. Especially helpful in a teeny tiny apartment laundry room. Spotted on Fashionable Home.

2. Hang one on the back of the pantry door to corral little items that would usually get lost. From BHG.

3. All those pockets are the perfect size for stowing hats and gloves in a coat closet. From The DIY Village.

4. A shoe organizer is pretty handy in the bathroom, too. Spotted on Brit + Co.

5. These folks used a shoe organizer to hold their first aid kit. It's a great way to ensure that band aids or what have you are always within easy reach when you need them. From Houzz.

6. All those little pockets are also perfect for storing markers and other art supplies. Spotted on A Bowl Full of Lemons.

7. Use one to store fashion dolls (or any other small toys) in your kid's room. From Parents Magazine.

8. A shoe organizer is perfect for storing the little bits of paper you always seem to have left over after scrapbooking. From Once Upon a Hive via Shelly's Art.

9. Use one as storage for gift wrap (with a little DIYing). Tutorial from The Country Chic Cottage.

10. And finally — this isn't really an in the home kind of thing, but it's so clever I couldn't resist including it: use a shoe organizer to keep items sorted on a camping trip. It's sort of like a vertical outdoor kitchen. From Maggie Barnett on Pinterest, via Lifehacker.

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