10 Things We Love From Gemplers Workers Supply

10 Things We Love From Gemplers Workers Supply

Sarah Rae Smith
Mar 2, 2009

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In the Feb/March issue of Readymade, there was a great suggestion listed for a retailer we were unfamiliar with. Gemplers. The suggestion was to use a metal step (pictured above), in the bathroom to hold accessories or as a step in the shower to help you shave. Intrigued, we wandered over to Gemplers and found more than a few things we think we could put to use around the home. Click for more photos of these finds that could pull double duty.

Top Row, Left To Right:

  • Universal, Surface-mount Step: This item was our starting point and we agree with our friends at Readymade who said it would make a great small shelf in the bathroom. It would also do a bang up job near the kitchen sink, or by your front door for a mini-landing strip. $35.00
  • Plastic Bird Spike: What is usually meant to repel pesky birds from window sills, could spend it's time indoors as a jewelry holder or a simple tree-like home accent piece. $13.84
  • Indoor/Outdoor Skid Resistant Tread: What is normally meant for running boards and steps (which it works great for) could easily come indoors and be used in different places. Try peeling away the back and sticking it to the top of your step stoop, or maybe a board inside your door for a handy place to put your boots? 4"x17" $12.43
  • Wheel Step: This product is meant to be placed over a wheel to step up to do repair work. It could transition into your home and onto your window ledges. It would be an easy to to add a shelf for plants with a few modifications. (There has to be another use for it, it's just so pretty and orange!) $59.95
  • Truck Grab Handles: Normally these ad a bit of lift when getting into the cab of something a bit higher than your standard sedan, but these handles would work out great in your kitchen to hold dish towels and in your bathroom for wash cloths! $9.95

    Bottom Row, Left To Right:

  • Geneva 5-drawer Storage Systems: This item is one of the pricier ones on the list, although we just can't stop thinking it would be the end all for paint brush storage. It obviously could hold whatever you need it to, but it's a shape for storage that we don't often see! $279.00
  • 8" Double-loop Galvanized Steel Wire Ties: These little babies come 100 to a pack and could be quickly and easily transformed into your next DIY lighting project. It could be as simple as stringing them all together and putting them in a circle. Instant chandelier! $5.20
  • Folding Step: Unlike the step we showed you previously, this one folds up when it's not in use. A few of them in succession would make a great faux-ladder next to your sky high book collection! $34.90
  • 10-ounce Polypropylene Measuring Tube: Measuring devices in your kitchen are typically short and squat. But we think this tall and skinny tube fits the bill quite nicely, plus it will fill that little space we still have in the back of our cabinet! $3.75
  • Metal Buckets with Open-head: While the average homeowner doesn't have need for 5gallon buckets of chemicals, these air-tight buckets would make a great way to seal off bulk flour or sugar purchases. If you don't have need for that much flour, they could also have a seat cushion made for the top (everyone always needs extra seating) and fill the inside with home office supplies or even extra blankets! $22.50

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