8 Things You Should Never Have in Your Apartment After College

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College dorms and apartments are rarely the place to cultivate your individual taste and design perspective. Instead, student living spaces are filled with the usual suspects, that, when seen later down the road, simply smack of that time in your life. After commencement, think of getting rid of those things, and living the rest of your days with the specter of your college decorating days behind you.

1. Black Halogen Torchiere Lamps: The light they put out is perfectly nice, but they don't have tons of personality. (Also, if you inherited an older one, know that some have been deemed fire hazards, and you should get rid of it stat.)

2. Anything Inflatable: If it’s got a plug, and you need to blow it, it’s time for it to go. Even if it has speakers built in. Especially if it has speakers built in.

3. Milk Crates: Both moving box and storage unit in one, milk crates are, without a doubt, a versatile item to tote around for four years as you move around from dorm room to dorm room. It’s time however, to turn in the Hood’s Dairy label for some actual shelving, whether you buy something or make it yourself.

4. Plastic Storage as Furniture: Clear drawers on wheels are great space savers, and were handy in the day, but it's time to give them up. Tuck them away in the closet to use for storage and don't use them for a nightstand or side table.

5. Polyester "Bed in a Bag" Bedding: Few things feel more grown up than nice sheets, even when they are just plain 100% cotton. They don’t have to be super expensive, but ditch the unnatural materials that are scratchier than hell and match something fierce, and go for something soft, comfortable, and unique. Your new working self will thank you at night.

6. Unframed Posters: Tacks and museum putty are things of the past, so get rid of the “Hang in There” kitty poster and copy of Van Gogh's Starry Night, or frame the keepers to hang nicely on the wall.

7. Papasan Chairs: I didn’t feel like a bonafide adult until I bought a proper sofa. Mine was only a couple of hundred bucks from IKEA, but it wasn’t wicker, and didn’t look like it belonged on the set of The Golden Girls.

8. College Sports Logos: This doesn't just mean decals, but anything with a logo on it. It also includes (but is not limited to) sports jerseys, clocks, posters, and banners.

What else should be left to the collegiate past?

Re-edited from a post originally published 8.21.2014 - cm

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