Tips for Traveling with Kids

Tips for Traveling with Kids

Janie Lee
Feb 2, 2012

Spring break is not that far off and that may mean a family getaway. There's no doubt about it - traveling with young kids requires preparation and compromise. We learned a lot from talking to other parents and by just doing it. Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day recently shared her top 10 tips for traveling with young kids.

Our favorites among the list of 10?

1. Splurge on the room. You'll be spending lots of time there (think naps and early bedtimes). So a comfortable room with a view, or better yet, a large suite or apartment will allow you do enjoy yourself while the kids are sleeping.

2. Eat at nice restaurants but go early. Just because you're with the kids, doesn't mean you should skip the nice restaurants. But go early to avoid the primetime crowd.

3. When all else fails, take a taxi. This is a wise tip. Public transportation is great but when the kids are cranky, tired, or hungry, spending the money on a taxi can be well worth the price.

To check out the rest of Jordan's great travel tips, run over to Oh Happy Day.

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