The Best of Travel Guide Apps:
London Edition

The Best of Travel Guide Apps:
London Edition

Jason Rodway
Jun 19, 2013

Amongst global destinations, London ranks amongst the top of the pops. Every year 27 million visitors make way to London for its rich history, culture, cuisine, music, art, fashion and design scene. From the city's 240 museums, its rich history spanning to Roman times, vibrant street art, and fine dining scene, there's all too much to experience without a guide. Here's a selection of the best mobile apps to load to enrich your visit to the city first known as Londinium...

Getting Around and Accommodations

Left: London Transport Live - Right:

There are many ways to get around the 600 square mile metropolis, including the famous Tube or on a double decker bus. The London Transport Live app simplifies travel across the city, routing journeys via the London Transit. Users can refer to the app to check on which lines are running on time to avoid delays. Of course, one of London's famous black taxi cabs are available throughout the city to call upon too. Free - Also available for Windows Phone

The popular hotel search site is available for all three smartphone platforms, allowing users to look up top lodging candidates based on location, reviews, prices, and ratings. Once agreeable lodgings are found, simply book a room for the duration of a stay right from the app. Free - iOS / Android / Windows Phone

City Maps and Shopping Guide 

Left: Tripomatic - Right: London Luxury Quarter

Organizing a vacation itinerary in advance is one of the best ways to maximize a trip while reducing the chances of things going awry. Tripomatic is an all-in-one organizer where travelers can assign different destinations each day, piecing together a personalized travel itinerary, with the app offering a reliable offline map with the addition of an informative city guide (note: the offline map requires a $3 in-app purchase). Free - Also available for Android

PocketGuide: Travel Guide for London - iOS
Looking for a tour guide led experience without the actual herded tour group misery? PocketGuide's series of city specific audio tours serves up offline maps, GPS tracking, and the option to share 3D video of travel moments with friends. The app is free while on network with the option to download an offline copy to avoid high roaming charges. Free - Also available for Android

If your ideal holiday consists of perusing the wares at high-end boutiques, the London Luxury Quarter can prove a useful guide for shopping one of the most fashionable cities on the planet. LLQ's main feature is its search function, providing details and recommendations based upon the availability of luxury brands such as Coach, Chanel, Burberry, or Mr. Hare. In the instance you may find yourself strolling down Bond Street, the Burlington Arcade, or the Lanes of Mayfair, the app will notify which luxury shopping and dining experiences are nearby. Free

Tourist Attractions