Before going on a big trip, it's fun to stock up on a few cool travel accessories. Small things like a well-designed foldable shopping bag or a portable first aid kit can get you excited about going and, ultimately, make your trip a little smoother. Here are 10 inexpensive options for the stylish jet-setter.

  1. Mesh Totes (for shopping), $3 to $10 at Plastica
  2. Carry-On Bottle Set (to get you through the security check), $10 at Flight 001
  3. Wallpaper City Guide Apps (for iPhones), $3.99
  4. Foldable Slippers (to make you feel more at home), $9.50 at Muji
  5. Micro Mesh Pouches (for toiletries or receipts), $5 - $7 at the Container Store
  6. Mini Wallet / Card Case (for IDs), $7 from Etsy seller sewgracious
  7. Foldable Shopping Bag (for shopping or groceries on the go), $9.75 at Muji
  8. Snow Peak Titanium Spork (for when you need a spoon/fork), $8.95 at REI
  9. Alarm Clock (tiny enough to fit in your pocket), $0.99 at IKEA
  10. Little Medic Kit (first aid while you travel), $10 at Flight 001