Banish Boring: 10 Unexpected & Unusual Bathroom Details to Steal

Banish Boring: 10 Unexpected & Unusual Bathroom Details to Steal

Adrienne Breaux
Mar 15, 2014
(Image credit: Adrienne Breaux)

Though I've managed to add a cute shower curtain, other than that, my bathroom in my apartment does not have much else going for it. I think "boring" would be an accurate descriptor. But when you're staring at a tiny space (that you're not allowed to paint the walls in), sometimes you forget there are other things you can do in a space to spice it up. Thankfully I found some interesting and inspiring ideas in real homes to consider.

(Image credit: Kathryn Bacalis)

Unexpected and ultra functional lighting spotted in Ali & Dustin's Reinvented Piece of Denver History: The Black Eye Coffee Shop.

(Image credit: Ashley Poskin)

Neon-painted pipes offer a pop of interest in Kirsten's Bluebird of Happiness House.

(Image credit: Lizzie Ford)

Lack of storage isn't a bummer when you've got a compact shelf to display toiletries and collectibles. Spotted in Grainne and Ian's Characterful Collection in Edinburgh.

(Image credit: Lauren Naimola)

A tiny bathroom in Lauren and Chad's Vintage Comfort is made better with a wall collage of teeny framed art pieces stretching nearly from ceiling to floor (I'm actually liking this idea for my bathroom a lot).

(Image credit: Adrienne Breaux)

Don't waste a weird nook when you could curate a collection of interesting oddities. Ann and Jack's Cozy Austin Abode has a great example.

(Image credit: Lizzie Ford)

One mirror is not as interesting as a hanging medley of them. Alison, Paul & Ru’s Home of Colorful Collections has inspiration.

(Image credit: Alexis Buryk)

A chandelier in the bathroom isn't actually that unexpected of an idea anymore, but it always comes off as lovely. Spotted in Anne & Leo's Cozy Cosmopolitan Loft.

(Image credit: Rebecca Bond)

A Flamingo tile mural by Surface View is a delight in Charlie's Charming Townhouse.

(Image credit: Ashley Poskin)

Unexpected details don't have to be terribly daring or hard to implement, as spotted in Kirsten's Bluebird of Happiness House. Just a couple of pleasant, medium-sized potted plants in the shower window of this bathroom is unexpected.

(Image credit: Jacqueline Marque)

Chalkboard paint and a chalk octopus add a surprising element to the bathroom in Miles & Antena's Laid Back Coastal Home.

Do you have any unusual or unexpected design details in your bathroom that banishes boring? Share your ideas for folks still struggling with blah bathrooms!

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