12 Uses for IKEA's Lack Shelves

We put up our first Lack Shelf last weekend in our entryway. It's one of those basic pieces that shows up everywhere: bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and landing strips. We can't believe we never bought one before, which got us thinking about all the different uses for this uber-ubiquitous shelf. We put together a list (complete with photos) of twelve ways to use the Lack in your home...

Make a cheap version of this wall-mounted desk. Image via Domino

Use it in an entryway. Image via Real Simple

Install open shelving in the kitchen. Image via Domino

Use it above a bed in a small space. Image via Domino

Use it in an alcove to create a built-in look. Image via IKEA Australia

Use it as a console behind a couch. Image via My Home Ideas

Use it to display a collection. Image via Desire to Inspire

Make an instant mantelpiece. Image via Real Simple

Make a built-in office in a closet. Image via Sunset

Other Ideas:

  • Hang it low in a closet or entryway and use it for shoe storage.
  • Make a media console and hang your flatscreen TV over it.
  • Create a floating bar.

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