9 Uses for Loaf Pans

9 Uses for Loaf Pans

Sarah Coffey
Dec 20, 2007

We've got a loaf pan that we use for pretty much everything but baking. It's been our mail sorter, our catch-all in the kitchen, and once in a blue moon we've made banana bread in it. For the full list of ways to use your loaf pans, click below.

• Use them to sort mail by storing envelopes lengthwise inside.
• Sort forks, knives, and spoons into three loaf pans on a shelf.
• Use them to hold tea bags, stacked in a line.
• Store pens horizontally in the pan.
• Line them up on a shelf for an industrial look, and use them to store office supplies.
• Use them to store spools of ribbon or thread.
• Fill small glass jars with flowers and water, then place them inside the loaf pan for an instant centerpiece.
• Use them as serving dishes for candies or finger foods.
• Fill them with wrapped soaps for a guest bathroom.

Image: Williams Sonoma Commercial Quality Loaf Pan, $14

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