10 Uses For Ramekins

10 Uses For Ramekins

Sarah Coffey
Jun 20, 2007

Ramekins are cute, and these little dishes from Emile Henry (4 for $23.95 at cooking.com) are no exception.

But we have to admit it's not often that we break out the torch and make creme brulee in individual cups. To be honest, we don't even own a torch.

Not to worry. We've found 10 (torchless) uses that will show off our ramekins in style. Look below the jump to see them...

• Fill with water and add a single large bloom for a mini-centerpiece.

• Fill with kosher salt and keep on the table when you need a pinch.

• Fill with colorful candies (2 with Lemonheads, 2 with Red Hots).

• Keep on your office desk for paperclips.

• Tie a ribbon around it and use as a gift basket for small items.

• Stash tea bags (especially those round ones from The Republic of Tea).

• Keep on the dresser for rings, earrings, and bobby pins.

• Use a glass ramekin to hold tea lights.

• Use in the bathroom to hold guest soaps or bath beads.

• Use as a catch-all for odds and ends like loose change, keys or buttons.

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