10 Vintage Kitchen Tools That Double As Decor

10 Vintage Kitchen Tools That Double As Decor

Allison Verdoorn
Jul 27, 2011

In my opinion, one of the most beautiful physical results of sustainability is when useful items double as home decor, as opposed to a home filled with attractive but useless items. The kitchen is one of my favorite places to do this. Check out these 10 great vintage kitchen tools that are as display worthy as they are useful.


1 Vintage Yellow Ceramic Teapot, $35 from Hindsvik
2 Vintage Yellow Rival Food Grinder, $28 from WiseApple
3 Artisan Salt Cup, $12 from NstarStudio
4 Vintage Kitchen Scale American Family Almond, $30 from GlassnMore
5 Best Antique Apple Picker Farm Utensil Ever, $45 from tandemstudios

6 Large set of vintage Aluminium molds, $19 from thevintagejunkie
7 Sunkist Citrus Grater, $7.50 from JennSkiVintage
8 Vintage Mixing Bowl Set, Yellow Glass Ribbed, Circa 1930, $75 from Nachokitty
9 Teak Salad Serving Bowl, $18 from backgarage
10 Instant Vintage Kitchen Collection, $15 from thedancingwren

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