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It's expected to reach 97 degrees where I live today and 100 tomorrow—and while that's not as hot as where many of you live—it's made me think twice about how I'll go about my day. Read on for 10 Ways to Beat the Heat.

10 Ways to Beat the Heat

  1. Wear loose-fitting cotton and linen. They are your friends!
  2. Cranking down the AC might sound nice but, just as all your neighbors are doing the same, lessen your electrical load by using a fan. Fans circulate air more rapidly, making you feel cooler.
  3. Instead of taking a warm shower, take a cool one. And skip the hairdryer. You won't wear your hair down anyway once you walk out into the sweltering heat.
  4. If you have to drive somewhere, park in the shade, even if that means walking a few extra yards. Getting into a hot car is not only unpleasant, especially when its leather seats are on fire, but it's also dangerous to breathe the toxins released from the heated dashboard, etc. Make sure to properly air out your car by rolling down its windows (while the AC gets going) before you drive away.
  5. If you live in a multi-story dwelling, stay downstairs where it's cooler.
  6. Dimming your lights will help keep your interiors cooler. Use only lights that you need. Instead of reading in a dark room, sit by a window instead.
  7. This may sound crazy, but I promise it works. If you're super hot and need to quickly cool off, dip your feet into a cool (or cold) water-filled bath or sink. You'll feel a million degrees better!
  8. Instead of using the oven, cook on the stovetop. It produces less heat!
  9. If this isn't already obvious, drink tons of water, especially when you are moving around outside.
  10. Stay in the shaded indoors as much as possible. If the back of your home is cooler, set up shop there. I love spending time in my basement pottery studio on hot days. It's where the temps are always the coolest!

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