10 Ways to Brush Up on a New Language Before a Trip

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I have a confession: I love learning new languages. Even without a trip on the horizon, I can't pass up on an opportunity to dive into studying a new language. This compulsion to learn new languages has proven extremely helpful while traveling throughout the years. And while I can't always converse like a native, a quick brush up before arrival can activate those language learning memory muscles, helping me dive into foreign cultures with greater confidence...

If you're like me and find brushing up on a second language helpful, or perhaps you just would like the resources to learn a new language from the first word on, take a look at this week's roundup, all tablet apps focusing upon the goal of learning a language!


1. Converse (iPad), $4.99.
2. Duolingo (Android & iOS), Free.
3. Living Language German, [Additional languages available], (iPad & Android), Free.
4. Tabahani (Windows 8 & Android), Free
5. Hello-Hello Languages (Android & iPad), Free.


6. Phrasebook Learn Languages (Android), Free.
7. Memrise (Android & iOS), Free
8. Lingolook France, [Additional languages available], (iOS) $4.99.
9. iPhrasebook (iOS), $12.99.
10. Learn German With Babbel.com, [Additional languages available], (Windows 8), Free.

*Note: While many of the apps are listed as free several do require a subscription to access additional lessons.

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