10 Ways to Deal with Slushy Shoes

For those of us in cold climates, snow is on the way if it hasn't arrived yet. It's always a challenge keeping the slush from seeping inside, but if you prep your entryway, you can keep your floors clean without having to mop every day.

  • 1) The cork mud mat is a green idea from eco-architect Michelle Kaufmann. Click here for the how-to.
  • 2) Wall hung bootracks are a great small space solution. The one shown above is from Cox & Cox, £95.
  • 3) Peg-style boot racks work well if you have the space. Shown above is the Six Pair Oak Boot Rack from Crocus, £75.
  • 4) The pebble-filled boot tray is a classic Martha Stewart idea. For the how-to, click here.
  • 5) River stone mats are an alternative to the pebble-filled boot tray. The one above is from Viva Terra, $59.
  • 6) Water glutton doormats from Gardener's Supply are able to hold more than a gallon of liquid per square yard, $40 - $120.
  • 7) Wooden Mats with built-in drainage are another stylish substitute for traditional boot trays. Shown above is the teak bath mat from Viva Terra, $69.
  • 8) A boot hanger allows you to hang your drippy boots inside the closet and shut the door. This is the Cabela's Adjustable Hanger, $5.
  • 9) A wall-mounted rack with an absorbent mat underneath is a good way to drip-dry wet shoes. IKEA's Tjusig shoe rack ($40) is shown above.
  • 10) Cast iron mats (like the Crocus version shown above, £40) stand up to anything. Just add something underneath to absorb the drainage.