10 Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality

10 Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality

Gregory Han
Feb 13, 2007

Maxwell recently posted on ATNY about the disturbing amount of dust and debris his indoor air purifier filtered out since September last year. New York is one dirty city, yo. But Los Angeles definitely has its own air quality issues, sowe've got nothing to gloat over. So how does one improve home air quality?

Personal Finance Advice proposes 10 Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality, with some obvious tips such as adding house plants, improving circulation, keeping furnace and air filters clean and simply avoiding chemical cleaners. All good reminders that clean interior air is just common sense practiced.

The one recommendation made that I completely agree with, but that has caused some uproar on the ATNY site and the also on the AT Chicago site, is the habit of taking off ones shoes upon entering the home. Growing up in an asian home, removing shoes before entering is just second nature for both health and cleanliness. Dirt, fecal matter/urine, and other undesirable matter collects upon the bottom of our shoes each day (I sure know the office restroom floor isn't a shining example of cleanliness...talk about bad aim). I'd be willing to bet that most people's shoes harbour more germs than a toilet seat. And yet, many people bring all these particles back into their home, onto their floors and carpets? Perhaps it's time to reconsider.

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