10 Ways to Clean the Bedroom from AT

Almost any time an AT post goes up on how to make the bed, a lot of disparate voices chime in: fluffy comforter lovers vs. those who like a streamlined bed, throw pillow people vs. minimalists, bed-makers vs. those who leave the bed unmade. There are lots of ways to style and make a bed, and just as many ways to organize the bedroom. We've rounded up 10 posts from AT that give tips on everything from getting a comforter into its cover to organizing your bedroom closet...

Making the Bed:
How To Dress a Platform Bed
How To Make the Bed from PB Teen
How To Get the Comforter Into Its Cover
8 Tricks to Make Making the Bed a Habit
How To Care for Your Mattress: Do's and Don'ts

Cleaning and Decluttering:
How To Clean the Bedroom in 10 Minutes
How To Declutter the Bedroom
20 Ways To Organize Your Bedroom Closet
How To Create a Dust-Free Bedroom
14 Ways To Spruce Up the Bedroom Before Buying Anything New

Top Photo: How to Dress a Platform Bed