10 Ways to Clean the Bedroom from AT

10 Ways to Clean the Bedroom from AT

Sarah Coffey
May 13, 2008

Almost any time an AT post goes up on how to make the bed, a lot of disparate voices chime in: fluffy comforter lovers vs. those who like a streamlined bed, throw pillow people vs. minimalists, bed-makers vs. those who leave the bed unmade. There are lots of ways to style and make a bed, and just as many ways to organize the bedroom. We've rounded up 10 posts from AT that give tips on everything from getting a comforter into its cover to organizing your bedroom closet...

Making the Bed:
How To Dress a Platform Bed
How To Make the Bed from PB Teen
How To Get the Comforter Into Its Cover
8 Tricks to Make Making the Bed a Habit
How To Care for Your Mattress: Do's and Don'ts

Cleaning and Decluttering:
How To Clean the Bedroom in 10 Minutes
How To Declutter the Bedroom
20 Ways To Organize Your Bedroom Closet
How To Create a Dust-Free Bedroom
14 Ways To Spruce Up the Bedroom Before Buying Anything New

Top Photo: How to Dress a Platform Bed

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