5 Ways to Celebrate the End of Summer

5 Ways to Celebrate the End of Summer

Landis Carey
Sep 2, 2011

Even though the nights and mornings may already call for a light sweater where you are, there's no reason not to celebrate the last few days of summer before the sun truly fades. Here are 5 Ways to Celebrate the End of Summer. Happy long weekend, Re-Nesters!

1. Pack a picnic and head outdoors for the afternoon.

2. Throw a canning party. There's no better way to preserve the taste of the season than with jams and pickled watermelon rind, right?

3. Even if you have to bundle-up in sweaters, gather friends for an early September outdoor dinner or even plan a Sunday brunch complete with pancakes and juice.

4. Finish up your summer reading.

5. Head to the farmers' market and pick-up those last tastes of summer: corn, tomatoes, peaches and all your other favorites.

(Image: Inspire Bohemia | Re-Nest)

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