Urban apartments are shrinking as demand for space rises, and while I can't wait for the day that it takes me more than five seconds to walk a lap of my entire apartment, I'm making the most of small space living while it lasts. In that spirit I've put together a little top ten list for you.

Top 10 Ways You Can Tell Your Apartment is Seriously Tiny:

1. When the smallest tree on the lot takes up your entire living room at Christmas time.

2. When you don't have to get off the sofa to get a cold drink out of the fridge.

3. When every room in your home has at least three hyphens: "living-dining-kitchen."

4. When you have to turn up the TV when the fridge starts humming because they're so close together.

5. When you can have a conversation with your significant other no matter where they are in the apartment, without raising your voice.

6. When you can check the time off of the microwave in the morning, from your bed.

7. When you consider having the counter space for a toaster a "luxury" and stand up mixers are a thing of legend.

8. When "sprawling" out on your sofa involves assuming the fetal position.

9. When guests' first question is "Where is the rest of it?" and second is "Wait, where am I sleeping?"

10. When boiling water fogs up all the windows.

What are your favorite parts of tiny house living? Feel free to add your own to the comments!