10 Welcoming Warm Rooms from Last Year's Room for Color

Whether it's bold, bright orange or a mellower mauve, these warm-toned rooms from past Room for Color entrants inspire and energize. From deep red to sunny yellow, these hues are so hot, they need their own category!

1. Laura's "Sunny Days" Living Room
2. Eve's "Hot Jewel Tones" Bedroom
3. Jeannia's "Tangerine Cabin" Room
4. Emily's "Appetizing Retro Fun" Kitchen
5. Lynn's "Spicy Brown Mustard" Room
6. Amy's "Creative Space" Room
7. Daniel's "Eclectic Craftsman" Room
8. Natasha and Brad's "Coral Me Happy" Room
9. Joseph's "Flamboyant Solemnity" Room
10. Jae's "Red & Turquoise" Room

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(Images: as linked above)