As we enter the entertaining season we find ourselves stocking up on bottles. They aren’t all for ourselves, of course. There’s one for the host, a couple for the dinner party, one for that recipe and, well, maybe a couple for us to keep at home.

Unless you are purchasing wine that will be stored for a later date, storing bottles in the kitchen or dining room is fine. Instead of shelving them above the fridge (gasp!) or in a hall closet (next to the dirty shoes?) we suggest the following to beautifully display your temporary collection.

Top row, shown right to left:

1. Sporadic Wall Panel, Mini: see website for details, Modern Cellar

2. Wine Rack 3.0: $29.00 at Uvence (Etsy)

3. Gus* Modern Acrylic Wine Rack: $155.00 at 2Modern

4. Six-Pack Wine Rack: $40.00 at Branch

5. Cru Wine Rack: $150.00 at Unica Home

Bottom row, shown right to left:

6. The Loopsey Wine Rack by Umbra: $150.00 at Velocity

7. Galvanized 12 Bottle Wine Rack: $79.95 at CB2

8. Innersmile Wine Bed: $50.00 at Huset

9. Shesham Wall Mount Stacking Wine Rack (3 are shown here): $29.95 at Crate & Barrel

10. Rustic Wine Rack: $75.00 at Pottery Barn