100 Tips to "Greenify" Your Home
Jonathan B.
Nov 29, 2007

Encyclopedic in nature, with a risk-aware bent: you might expect as much when a company specializing in "worldwide luxury listings" publishes a green list. They frame the problem well, reminding us that almost half of greenhouse gases come from buildlings. It goes on to list no less than 100 tips to "greenify" your home along with a slew of other links and resources. Here are a few of the simplest and most eye-opening:

Downsize appliances: A dishwasher and refrigerator run most efficiently when full. If you find that the only thing you keep in your fridge is that proverbial Chinese take-out box and if you rarely use your dishwasher, you might consider downsizing on both items.

Install a programmable thermostat: This tool will help to minimize unnecessary heating and cooling when not at home.

Downsize your home: Smaller homes mean fewer emissions, less expensive heating and cooling costs, and a cozier environment (with no room for overt consumerism!). Instead of remodeling all those bedrooms, you might consider removing them totally. Then, concentrate on that large yard and its fantastic possibilities for curb appeal.

(We'd like to think there's another way to approach this last point, but it's a real estate site, after all: the goal is to sell, sell, sell!)

This list may resonate best for folks in bigger homes just warming up to the idea of green, so send the link on!

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