#11- DMstudio's Private Sanctuary

#11- DMstudio's Private Sanctuary

Oct 16, 2007

Name: Dmstudio
Location: Denver, Colorado
Type: 3 bedroom Flat, Owned

Why I use color:

As an artist I've always been aware of the power color can have on your senses. Color can lift your sense of sight the way the aroma of baking bread or pumpkin pie can enliven your sense of smell. Color transforms my home into my private sanctuary.

My style is very eclectic, however, in my home color provides a sense of warmth, comfort and relaxation in some spaces while enriching others with vibrant energy.

2 Good color tips:

1) I try to balance color within a room. The color of a wall may be picked up elsewhere in the room such as a rug, piece of furniture or artwork. These are also great inspiration for color. 2) Don't scale back your color choices because you are timid about using a particular color. If you love the color, go for it. Walls can always be repainted or accessories returned.

Favorite type and brand of paint:

Kwal Paints or ICI/Dulux, it is hard to limit yourself to one manufacturer when looking for that perfect color!

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