How To Throw a Super Bowl Party Outdoors

The Horticult

When I think about a party, the last thing I want to imagine is everyone silently crowded around a television. But taking the whole Super-Bowl-watching event outdoors (surrounded by fresh air and lots of greenery) has a way of breathing new life into what might otherwise be a dull party.

Anyone not familiar with The Horticult should take this football season to get acquainted. The website, run by writer Chantal Aida Gordon and engineer Ryan Benoit, documents their adventures in horticulture and showcases their own stunning Southern California garden and greenspace. And this year, Ryan has put together a great list of tips for entertaining a crowd around a TV outside.

Even if your backyard isn't as tricked out as theirs (and really, whose is?), Ryan offers tons of advice for making the most of your space. Tips range from the technical (which cords to buy and how to hook them up) to the social (make a chalkboard for Super Bowl squares) to the culinary (serve "something fresh and plant-tastic"). Check it out and get your outdoor space in gear to watch the big game.

More info and images: The Horticult

(Image credits: The Horticult)