#11 - Victor & Soeun’s Romantic Loft

Name: Victor & Soeun V.
Location: Canal Street, New York City
Size & Type: 462 SF + Sleeping Loft 56 SF= 518 SF Studio

Favorite resource: Our favorite resource is a 4’x 8’ sheet of translucent plastic from Canal Street for $15.99/sheet.

Pitch: We love New York City, but we do not like the filth and the crowed conditions. We set out to make a small loft space seem clean, uncluttered, and open. Our concept word was ‘cityscape’. Our intention was to bring the romantic aspects of New York City into the design, such as glowing buildings at night or a sense of discovery that one feels as to what may lie around the next corner.

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Your favorite element: Our favorite element in the home is probably the washer/dryer tucked away in a translucent closet. Few people in New York City have a washer/dryer in their apartments.

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