10 Wind Chimes to Buy or DIY

I hope you don't mind, but my posts have been inspired lately by my own DIY and to-do list. Right now it's all about my patio. I've always loved the sound of wind chimes, and think they are perfect for an outdoor oasis. Here are ten examples of great looking (and sounding) wind chimes you can buy, or make yourself.

If you're lucky enough to live by the sea or have a collection of sea glass, make a stunning sea glass wind chime like this one pictured above, from Our Boathouse.

If you're handy with tools and know how to play with metal, be inspired by these two beautiful spoon and driftwood wind chimes found on Nevastarr's Etsy shop.

Do you ever go to flea markets and see boxes full of keys and love them but not sure what to do with them? Make them into a pretty, metallic, sun reflecting and nice sounding wind chime similar to this one found on Aprilleialoha's Etsy shop.

If you want to be more playful you can recycle some old cans to make this colorful hanging wind chime, spotted on Parents Magazine.

For a rustic natural look, try one of these more subtle sounding wind chimes made from found pieces and driftwood. These are from Natural Tasmanian and Made of Earth and Sea on Etsy.

What can't you make with a mason jar? If you're not afraid to play with some tools and glass, try making this wind chime using lots of pretty trinkets. Tutorial by Saved by Love Creations.

Looking for something truly unique that doubles as a piece of art and focal point in your space? Try something like this heart shaped wind chime sculpture made from chain link. Full tutorial found on Instructables.

Lastly, if you're really going for that beachy look, this is a great way to use shells you've collected from beach vacations, or a fun activity to do with the kids to gather materials. Use this sea shell wind chime by Mid West Sheller on Etsy as inspiration.

(Image credits: Our Boathouse ; Nevastarr Etsy Shop; Aprilleialoha Etsy Shop; Parents Magazine; Natural Tasmanian; Made of Art Hand Sea Etsy Shop; Saved by Love Creations; Instructables; Mid West Sheller)