#12 - Lesley and David's Pale Lilac Bedroom

#12 - Lesley and David's Pale Lilac Bedroom

Oct 13, 2006

Name: Lesley and David
Location: Oakland
Type: 2-bedroom apartment, rented

Why I use color:

1. I love the way paint color can affect the mood of a room. For our bedroom we chose Pale Lilac for a serene feel, with warm wood, copper (plumbing pipe) curtain rods, and red/orange/gold accents warm it up. . .

. . .2. I prefer my mismatched furniture to a set, and having a color scheme really ties a room/apartment together. With white walls, I think my funky furniture would just look like college living.

2 good color tips:

1. If you have know idea where to start with color, look through lots of magazines for rooms that speak to you.

2. Don't think all your woods or all your metals have to match.

2 good color resources:

1. Mark's Paint Mart - (510) 652-0601 - 4156 Telegraph Ave., Oakland
Benjamin Moore paints, expert custom matching, and in addition to the complete line of official Benjamin Moore sample pots, they have generic sample pots of many more BM colors.

2. Alameda Antiques Fair and Other Shop, for colorful art and accessories.

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