#12- Voyager's Accessorize With Color

Name: Voyager
Location: Overland Park, KS
Type: 3 bedroom home

Why I use color:"I use color because it makes me happy! Currently, every wall in my home is the same color...a warm neutral khaki (not my choice, the house came this way). Until I can afford to completely redecorate, I accessorize with as much color as I can find. When I was shopping for my living room furniture, I found the graphic patterned fabric for the toss pillows before I picked out the sofa. The rest sort of ballooned as time went on. "

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"The artwork in the photo "Entryway2" (above) is my handiwork, as well as the two toss pillows in the (bottom) photo "Master Bedroom" (latch-hooked out of old t-shirts!), and the 6 colorful images in the "Dining Room" (top photo). My absolute favorite color burst is my main entry hall "Entryway1" (below)."

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2 Good color tips:

"Don't be afraid of it!"

"Warm and cool colors can co-exist in a room & look GREAT!"

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Favorite type and brand of paint:"For walls, I prefer flat paint, for trim work, a satin finish, but not glossy. I have no brand preference, as I have not yet had the opportunity to paint my home!"

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2007, Room for Color

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