12 Clever & Fun DIY Projects to Update a Piece of Furniture You Hate

Before you get rid of an old furniture piece that no longer has your love, perhaps consider one of these clever DIY projects? Each of these projects refreshes a piece of furniture (that's seen better days) in the bold sort of way perfect for experimenting. Might one of these ideas spark a transformation for a piece of furniture you're not quite in love with anymore?

Pictured above: Gold leaf and paint transform an old plastic school chair. Dream a Little Bigger shows you how.

A partial spray paint job on a vital part of a furniture piece can work wonders. Inspiration spotted on Dream Green DIY.

A little wood stain, a little paint and new hardware can dramatically update the look of a furniture piece, even something from IKEA! A classic but still inspiring IKEA hack spotted on The Sweetest Occasion.

Faux marble paper and a little spray paint can make even the cheapest looking of furniture pieces look pretty awesome. Faux marble fantasies fueled by the project found on skona hem.

Wrapping paper on furniture? Yep. And awesome. The Sweet Escape has a sweet DIY project.

For nerds and non-nerds alike, consider updating a piece of furniture with a small decoupaged cut-out graphic. This nerdy but awesome DIY project found on the aptly named Our Nerd Home.

Wallpaper plus a boring table equals a sleek (and customizable) update. Spotted on Akamatra.

A cheap plastic chair combined with paint and a taped-off geometric pattern really surprises. Great pattern inspiration on Hej Juni.

Consider an oversize graphic shape painted on a furniture piece to disguise a style you don't love. See how to do this on Camille Styles.

Floral fabric makes for a darling nightstand update. Great instructions on See Kate Sew.

Stripes can make almost any piece of furniture nice (or at the very least, bold). Also spotted on See Kate Sew.

Painting a whole piece of furniture one bright and bold color isn't exactly revolutionary, but it is effective. Keep the look fresh by doing more of a soft matte wash of color so some of the original material just barely peeks through. Simple inspiration found on Passion Shake.

Have you recently refreshed or rehabbed a piece of furniture you didn't love in a clever or fresh way? We want to know how! Share in the comments below:

(Image credits: Dream a Little Bigger; Dream Green DIY; The Sweetest Occasion; skona hem; The Sweet Escape; Our Nerd Home; Akamatra; Hej Juni; Camille Styles; See Kate Sew; See Kate Sew; Passion Shake)