10 Geeky Stocking Stuffers from The Container Store

We're not big fans of getting catalogs in the mail. It's a huge waste of resources, but occasionally, we have to admit, we discover new products we normally wouldn't find out about thanks to one of these paper bundles. Case in point, last week we received a mini catalog from The Container Store filled with inexpensive gifts for the holidays. To our surprise we found a lot of useful gadgets that could make a few people on our Christmas list very happy.

  • For those of us who continuously knock our phones and digital cameras off our desks, the SmartGrip Pad ($10) originally made to be used in cars, could save a few LCD screens and camera lenses from being replaced.
  • You know you have a friend whose keyboard is a petri dish of grossness. The biodegradable Cyber Clean ($8) is like magic Silly Putty that lifts dirt and grime from between keys and sucks dirts out of small crevices on trackpads. Plus it kills bacteria.
  • Now for your friends on the opposite end of the spectrum, the Safety Touch is for germaphobes who can't even bear touching the ATM screen without gagging. Just don't mention all the dead skin cells that will probably collect within the silicone finger condom.
  • Got crafty friends that often set up booths at craft fairs? During seasons when it gets dark early they need a way to keep the spotlight on their wares. The Tool Pro Work Light ($13) gives booths a glow without crowding craft tables.
  • For anal pals who hate seeing a tangle of wires, even during those brief charging moments, the Plug-In Charging Shelf ($15) keeps cords wrapped up and phones easy to find.
  • Sure, we make fun of our parents when they take out their reading glasses and flashlights to read menus at mood lit dinners, but we're totally sympathetic. We're thinking they would totally dig the Touch Lighted Magnifier ($8).
  • For those who love to shoot in dark, dark places, the Personal Media Tripod ($20) lets them get a steady shot without using that darn flash!
  • For kids who get scared of the dark, or those single ladies whose imaginations can get the better of them, the Mini Eco-i-Lite ($13) plays double duty as a nightlight and an emergency flashlight for when Jason shuts down the power before creeping into your house.
  • For teenagers who'd rather plug in their earphones than listen to holiday family squabbles, the bobino Cord Wrap ($3-5) keeps oversized wires from getting tangled.
  • Everyone fell in love with the Flip Clock, but the only way to appreciate it to its fullest is to make sure your smartphone is angled just so on your nightstand. The iStand ($5) props up smartphones, either vertically or horizontally, so you can peep the time while still snuggled in bed. Also great for iPhone FaceTime video calls.