Fashion Forward Florals: A Dozen Interesting New Ways to Display Flowers

Fashion Forward Florals: A Dozen Interesting New Ways to Display Flowers

Nancy Mitchell
Mar 27, 2016
(Image credit: The Jungalow)

Spring has come sweetly, unexpectedly early this year, and spring means flowers. But bringing flowers into your home doesn't have to mean just plunking them into a single vase and calling it a day. Here are 12 creative ways to re-think the way you display flowers in your house.

1. Use greenery in place of (or in addition to!) flowers — it still has that fresh, natural feel, but lasts much longer.

(Image credit: Lonny)

2. For a really big impact, place some branches in an oversized vase.

3. Or try an oversized vase on the floor for a touch of the unexpected. (Not recommended for those with children or pets.)

4. Create a grouping of multiple vases to add depth and interest.

5. Hang flowers from the ceiling! Try this DIY from Paper & Stitch.

6. Tulips look lovely in long, tall vases.

(Image credit: Pro Flowers)

7. Or try this idea from Pro Flowers: layer tulips on their side in a fish bowl.

(Image credit: Cosmopolitan)

8. Place a few blooms in a pretty tea cup.

(Image credit: Cosmopolitan)
(Image credit: Cosmopolitan)

9. Stack two vases inside each other, and fill the outer one with lemon slices for a cheerful accent. Full DIY from Cosmopolitan.

(Image credit: Burkatron)

10. Make this DIY test tube flower display from Burkatron.

11. Float a single bloom inside a stemless wine glass.

12. In place of a bouquet, display a bunch of flowers in a vintage bottle crate. No arranging required!

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