125 DIY Ideas for the 3-Day Weekend

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It's turned into a bit of a Labor Day tradition around here - we send you off on this pre-long-weekend Friday with a BIG list of ideas to inspire you to get a little creative during your bit of extra downtime ahead. This year we've expanded the list to a whopping 125 possibilities; our goal is to find something for everyone!

  1. Poof! A Pouf! : 10 DIY Floor Pouf & Ottoman Tutorials
  2. Say hello, your way: How To Customize a Plain Welcome Mat
  3. Move over, manicure: 10 DIY Projects Using Nail Polish
  4. Wake up to your own personal Warhol: Make this Pop Art Pet Portrait
  5. Get hung up: 5 Simple Shelf DIY Ideas
  6. Give your prized plant pride of place: 5 DIY Modern Plant Stands
  7. Channel your inner grade-school crafter: Grown Up Hama Bead Projects
  8. Raid your stash for scraps: 10 Projects that Use Just a Little Fabric
  9. Whip up something wonderful for a window: 10 Window Treatment DIYs
  10. Bring on the (natural) bling: 5 DIY Crystal Projects
  11. Give a plant an upcycled home: Recycled Planter Project Ideas
  12. Make the most of early autumn breezes: DIY Wind Chime Ideas
  13. Upgrade those string lights: 10 String Light DIY Ideas
  14. Bust out the magical Mod Podge: 10 Mod Podge Project Ideas
  15. Stock your own spa: 10 Luxurious Self-Care DIYS
  16. Start an indoor garden: Inspiring Cactus & Succulent Planter Gardens
  17. Light up the night: How to Make Dip Dyed Lanterns
  18. Decorate a quiet corner: 10 DIY Mobiles for Any Room in the House
  19. Turn dish towels into pretty pillows: How To Make a Moroccan Style Pillow
  20. Go a little greener: How To Make a Mini Terrarium
  21. Whip up some inexpensive kitchen curtains: DIY Tea Towel Curtains
  22. Tie back those curtains, creatively: 5 DIY Curtain Tiebacks
  23. Decorate with hand done pattern: DIY Faux Wallpaper
  24. Dry some summer flowers for winter fire starters: DIY Fire Starters
  25. Make something for your favorite dorm resident: 25 DIYs for Dorms
  26. Learn to make your pics prettier: How To Instantly Improve Your Photos
  27. Give your dining chairs a new (tufted!) look: How To Tuft a Seat
  28. Fancy up the laundry: How To Make a French Vintage Inspired Hamper
  29. Make your plants swing: DIY Hanging Planter
  30. Style up some succulents: 5 Easy Indoor Succulent DIY Ideas
  31. Make some cash: How to List an Item on Apartment Therapy Classifieds
  32. Give an old friend a makeover: How To Paint a Wooden Dresser
  33. Brighten up your closet: Quick DIY Colorful Hangers
  34. Make a cool mobile: Make Your Own Decahedron Himmeli Mobile
  35. Get ready for old-school vacation gaming: DIY Travel Checkers Set
  36. Line your drawers: 3 Uses for Decorative Paper
  37. Wrangle those toys: Build a Letter Block Toy Box
  38. Fix up a jacket before packing it away: How To Sew a Button On
  39. Get your tables gleaming: How To Polish Wood Furniture
  40. Keep the summertime grime out: Make It: A Colorful Wooden Doormat
  41. Make a rustic-chic note holder: How To Repurpose a Door Knob
  42. Speak your mind on a pillow: Graphic Stencil Pillow
  43. Learn something new: Design Cheat Sheets from Around the Web
  44. Explore block printing: Block Printed Textiles Inspiration & DIY Tips
  45. Whip up an easy outdoor side table: How To Make a Flower Pot Table
  46. Make a custom light switch plate: One Minute Tip How To
  47. Make some type-based magnets: Modern Cement ABCs
  48. Turn your instagrams into somehting new: Make Faux Photostrips
  49. Learn to cut your own mats: How To Cut a Mat for Framing Artwork
  50. Let there be light: How To Install a New Light Fixture
  51. ...or not: How To Remove a Light Fixture
  52. Embrace the neon trend: DIY Graphic Neon Vase
  53. Tackle a chilly job: How To Clean & Organize a Refrigerator
  54. Organize some treasures: How To Make an Alphabet Shadow Box
  55. Add a little vroom to a kids room: Washi Tape Toy Car Track
  56. Say goodbye to the wallpaper: How To Remove Wallpaper
  57. Elevate a photograph: DIY Custom Photo Canvas
  58. Lose the wires: How To Make Any Lamp Cordless
  59. Decorate your table: 20 DIY Centerpiece Projects & Ideas
  60. Make a little chef happy: How To Make a Toy Grill for $20
  61. Stash your pens and pencils: DIY No-Sew Colored Pencil Roll
  62. Clean your bedroom: Guide to Green Cleaning Your Bedroom
  63. Make your kid fly – How to Make Your Baby Fly
  64. Create a charging station: Upcycled Plastic Bottle Charging Station
  65. Tidy up: How To Make a Rope Wrapped Hanging Clothes Bar
  66. Go to sleep!: How to Nap (No, Really!)
  67. Create an urban garden: Budget Friendly: DIY Cinderblock Planters
  68. Stop the tangles :DIY Tangle-Free Headphones with Embroidery Floss
  69. Make map pillows: Modular DIY Map Cushions
  70. Upcycle in a colorful style: DIY Painted Jars
  71. Make a window box: DIY Wood Shim Window Box
  72. Add some design detail: $5 DIY: Dress Up Your Frames with Tape
  73. Cover an ugly light: How To Make a DIY Drum Shade
  74. Make a headboard: 10 DIY Headboard Ideas
  75. Stencil something: Put Some Pattern On It: Stencil Resources
  76. Give your bed a fresh look: You Can Do It: Sew Your Own Bedding
  77. Light up the night: DIY Leather & Glass Outdoor Lanterns
  78. Make everlasting flowers: DIY Paper Flowers From Recycled Maps
  79. Get your books in order: How To Organize Your Personal Library
  80. Dress up your can lights: How To: Make Can Light Luminaries
  81. Put up a yurt: How To Raise a Yurt in Four Hours
  82. Switch out your shower head: DIY Basics: Replacing a Shower Head
  83. Learn the technique: How To Tie a Perfect Bow for Presents
  84. Join the terrarium trend: Buy or DIY: Trendy Terrariums
  85. Stamp it: DIY Wine Cork Stamps
  86. Dress up a wall: How To: Create A Reclaimed Wood Wall
  87. Weave a basket: DIY: Recycled Paper Sewing Basket
  88. Dress a window: Making Your Own Curtains: Easy Instructions
  89. Funkify your keyboard: Colorful Keyboard Makeover
  90. DIY an ikat mirror: How To Make an Ikat-Inspired Mirror
  91. Build an outdoor dining set: Simple Farm Style Table & Bench
  92. Tape your floors: Bring Crazy Colors to Your Floors with Vinyl Tape
  93. Hit the road for vintage finds: 10 Architectural Salvage Stores
  94. Make everything a blackboard: Chalkboard Paint: Off the Wall
  95. ...with your own paint: How to Make Your Own Chalkboard Paint
  96. Watch how it's done: Video Alert: How Spray Paint Cans are Made
  97. Custom print fabric: How To Print DIY Patterned Fabric
  98. Dress up the fridge: How to Create a Patterned Refrigerator
  99. Create an impromptu patio: How to Build a Quick Outdoor Patio
  100. Camp in your living room: How to Build an Indoor Fort
  101. Prepare for the real heat:Time to Tune Up: AC Tips
  102. Shut out the world in style: How to Make No Sew Roman Shades
  103. Get label happy: Free Printables to Organize Your Home in Style
  104. Create new furniture with rope: Jessa's DIY Rope Wrapped Table
  105. Put your denim on ice: How to Freeze Your Jeans
  106. Freshen your furry floor covering: How to Clean a Flokati Rug
  107. Create a library of plants: How to Make Your Own Book Planters
  108. Bring fire to the party: A Cure for Cool Nights: A DIY Firepit
  109. Celebrate two crafts in one: Cross Stitch Wall Mural
  110. Create outdoor ambiance: How to Create Glowing Outdoor Orbs
  111. Put some color on the wall: Sally's DIY Paint Chip Wall
  112. Add a farmhouse feature: How to Create a Sliding Barn Door
  113. Make a new tuffet: DIY Floor Cushion
  114. Disguise the power source: You've Got to Hide Your Cord Away
  115. ...or make it into art: Turning Power Cables into a Design Plus
  116. Stow your wheels: How to Build a Vertical Bike Rack Using Spare Parts
  117. Dress up a door with felt: How to Make DIY Felt Sliding Doors
  118. Save space: Make Your Own Radiator Covers for Extra Shelf Space
  119. Dress up the walls with fabric: DIY Burlap Wallcovering
  120. Line your walls with music: Dave's Musical Wallpaper Treatment
  121. Make the bath look so much better: How To Recaulk a Bathtub
  122. Set up a napping place outdoors: Make Your Own Bed Swing
  123. Add a little pizzazz: How To Brighten Up Your Medicine Cabinet
  124. Clean your greens: How To Clean a Large Housplant
  125. Find your own project in our archives and let us know how it goes!

(Image credits: Kim Lucian)

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