#12-Nicole's Subtle Vintage

#12-Nicole's Subtle Vintage

Laure Joliet
Oct 17, 2007

Name: Nicole
Location: Echo Park
Type: 1 Bedroom

Why I use color:

While I shy away from bold color when it can result in sensory
overload, I definitely geek out over amazing hues and color
combinations applied properly. Working with a rented apartment in an
old structure such as mine is tough as there is no ability to swap out
dreary tile, old appliances, or fix less than perfect surfaces.
Therefore I relied on color in my kitchen to use the existing vibe to
my advantage and make otherwise dull items pop. Fashion and art are a
source of continuous inspiration, from the Fall07 Prada ads to Los
Angeles graffiti. Most of my accent pieces are treasures from thrift
stores since I'm young, furniture-less and broke - this is actually
the first kitchen of my own! Overall, I just like to giggle a bit when
I walk into a room.

2 Good color tips:
1 - Don't force vibrant color on the walls just for the sake of
playing with color.
2 - Shell out the extra money if necessary for the perfect hue - if
you can sense the difference on a swatch it will definitely impact the
mood of the room once it's on the walls.

Favorite type and brand of paint:
Lovvvving Ralph Lauren Vintage Masters

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