13 DIY Project Ideas to Revitalize Old, Tired & Boring Items Around Your Home

Sometimes you don't want to make something new for your home; you want to make something you already have better. We've got a collection of DIY ideas that might improve something you've already got in your home, whether it be old, worn or just plain boring. Get creative and try out one of these ideas on something you've got in your home today!

Pictured above: Transform an old coffee table into a functional and beautiful upholstered coffee table for seating. Seen on Oh Everything Handmade.

Use an old blanket to update a chair with tired upholstery. Seen on Hello Lidy.

Turn containers you might be tired of into geometric, matte, black and white accessories. Spotted on Delia Creates.

Why not add pattern to old wooden containers and accessories with a little stained color? Seen on Dream A Little Bigger.

Old or mismatched bookends can be refreshed with a complementary paint job. Spotted on Paper & Fox.

Worn or old napkins could be beautifully refreshed for summer with a DIY watercolor dye job. Here's how to do it: Paper & Stitch.

A boring blank corner could get a dose of personality with sleek floating corner shelves. Seen on A Beautiful Mess.

Take some old vases or even upcycle some glass bottles and make them textured additions to your stylish home with colorful cord. Spotted on meri cherry.

Got some curtains you don't love any more? Stamp some pattern on it. See how on grey luster girl.

Any old or boring table runners could be spruced up with a fun Aztec-inspired pattern. Spotted on Festival Brides.

Fix up an old lampshade or light fixture with a triangle pattern. Seen on home story.

Old vintage metal lamps don't have to be a downer if they're damaged or not in style anymore. Find an idea to refresh on Delineate Your Dwelling.

If you've got a lamp that has an old, tired or missing lampshade, don't drop a lot of dough to replace it, DIY one! This interesting idea spotted on One O.

How have you saved money by updating something in your home you already own? Share in the comments below!

(Image credits: Oh Everything Handmade; Hello Lidy; Delia Creates; Dream A Little Bigger; Paper & Fox; Paper & Stitch; A Beautiful Mess; meri cherry; grey luster girl; Festival Brides; home story; Delineate Your Dwelling; One O)