13 Fun, Favorite DIY Party Decor Ideas for a Summer Gathering

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Do you need decorations for a party to be successful? Absolutely not. But a few well-placed and thoughtful items can transform your home into a party palace and increase everyone's good times. Here are thirteen easy-to-make (-ish) DIY party decor decorations you could make for your next summer gathering (or a party at home any time of year!).

1. Burger balloons
There's just no way your barbecue can't look better with burger balloons. These cute DIY ones spotted on Studio DIY.

2. DIY Happy hour marquee
This is perfect for a chill cocktail social this summer (but also cool enough you might want to leave up all year). Spotted on A Beautiful Mess.

3. DIY eucalyptus chandelier
A gorgeous natural chandelier of eucalyptus will bring good looks and good smells to a Sunday brunch table. Seen on Inspired by This.

4. Marbelized and metallic placeholders
Perfect for setting the table at a Sunday brunch. Seen on tuts+.

5. Cool drink stirrers
These DIY drink stirrers made out of old jewelry will add detail to a chill cocktail social. Seen on A Side of Sweet.

6. A DIY Mini Pennant Banner
In any colors you want to set the mood, make a few or make many to create a festive feel to your space, indoor or out.

7. DIY Ideas: 10 Party Lighting Projects
Mood lighting is perfect for sparking conversation. DIY some fun lights to hang and add instant creativity to a room or outdoor area.

8. DIY floor pillows
Functional and fun? Perfect for a sci-fi outdoor movie night, yes, but also great for extra seating. Pair this project with fun, silly or colorful fabric and it becomes even more festive.

9. Photos as festive art
Whether you make some oversized posters (maybe sci-fi movie posters?) or create a festive grouping of small photos that fit a party theme, photos can add a festive feel to a party.

10. Welcoming pineapple piñata
Silly? A little. A blast? Definitely! Make a few for hanging in a backyard for a barbecue. Via Studio DIY.

11. DIY Paper flowers
A beautiful brunch is made even more beautiful by flowers, but if you don't want to splurge on the real things, consider DIY paper flowers.

12. Party Decorations for (All) the Ages
Will numbers play a theme for your summer gathering? DIY decorate accordingly.

13. Oversized Balloon with Fringe
Nothing says party like a balloon! These DIY oversized ones with fringe are a bit more sophisticated and definitely fun. You can use any colors that fit your party's theme!

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