#13 - Jawrite's Light Box

Name: Jawrite
Location: Gramercy Park, New York
Size & Type: 440 sqf. Studio

Favorite resource: My 'open houses' addiction.

Pitch: The biggest challenge in small studios is where to place the bed. It's always right there, no matter how hard you try to hide it. The way I faced the problem was ok let's turn the problem around. Instead of trying to hide the bed, what would it happen if I expose it and make it the most prominent element of the apartment?

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Pitch Cont'd: Another challenge I encountered was to store more than a hundred books without cluttering the space. The light-box of the bed morphs into a band of light hiding a built-in bookcase. Under the bed the sliding panels open up the space of extra storage.

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Your favorite element: The open views of the city.

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